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Jyze Pro, a new exercise device, helps people burn more calories as they walk, making your walk as effective as jogging or other aerobic workouts.

By grasping the adjustable handles and pulling to keep the Jyze Pro disk spinning, people can experience different levels of resistance benefiting upper body muscles. When added to existing walking-type exercises (walking, treadmill, cycles, etc.):

•Jyze Pro burns more calories. When you add Jyze Pro to an existing workout, you’ll engage your upper body and burn more calories. Studies show people can burn 32% more calories.*

•Jyze Pro gets your heart rate up. Add Jyze Pro to your next walk and you’ll get the aerobic exercise equivalent of jogging, swimming, or cross-country skiing without the joint and body stress and fatigue. Can’t walk? Try Jyze Pro sitting, laying, or just standing. Jyze Pro can bring a walking heart rate (80-110 beats per minute [BPM]) to an aerobic heart rate (117-153 BPM) for an average 40 year old.

•Jyze Pro tones your upper body and core. Jyze Pro will improve your posture and back and shoulder strength. During a 90-day Jyze Pro field trial, 100% of women lost an average of nearly three inches around their upper arms and 20 lbs.**

•Jyze Pro works for you. Change bands or go faster to move from 3 to 50 pounds of resistance and more (with optional strength training band). Lengthen or shorten the rope to fit your range of motion.

•Jyze Pro goes where you go. With its lightweight design (weighs less than 1 lb.), Jyze Pro travels with you for anytime, anywhere workouts. Less fatigue at the end of the day.

With Jyze Pro, you’ll wind up fit!
JyzePro Workout Kit Includes:
  1. Yellow Resistance Band (3-15 lbs.)
  2. Orange Resistance Band (8 - 30 lbs.)
  3. Jyze Pro Gym System
  4. Free Quckstart Workout DVD
  5. Free JyzePro Workout Users Guide
The New Walk

Let's face it, we humans were made to walk. We're optimized in every way to move upright through life. And it works! For each hour of regular exercise, you could gain as much as two hours of life! Jyze Pro can help make walking even more effective.

What Jyze Pro Users are Saying...

There are so many choices when it comes to exercising. When weighing time, cost, equipment space, and type of workout it seems so complicated that the choice is often to not exercise at all! In spite of weight gain, that's exactly the choice I have been making for many years! So, I was excited to be introduced to a new product, the Jyze Pro. Now, the time I spent exercising would accomplish so much more! I could build muscle in my arms while doing lunges to strengthen my legs. I could burn more calories while walking or jogging. It is versatile so that every part of my upper body can receive a workout. It is portable so I could take my Jyze Pro with me and exercise while visiting my daughter. Along with a healthy diet, working with the Jyze Pro helped me get back to my to high school weight. Quite an accomplishment for a 50+ mother of eight children!   -- Leah Faber

I'd like to thank you again for what has been an incredible opportunity!! About 3 years ago I weighed 267 lbs. I felt horrible and was starting to have medical problem. I decided to loose weight and lost 87 lbs. Last year I went through a rough time and gained half of it back. I would keep trying to loose it but was out of shape again. I would work really hard for a couple of weeks but nothing would happen. I'd get discouraged and quit and end up putting on more than when I started. I was very excited when Sheriece told me about your program. I lost the first 9 lbs. easy, they were just change of habit pounds. After that, I hit that I'm working hard but the weight's not coming off wall. I was discouraged. This was where I would always quit. We were only a few weeks into our workout but I could already see a change in my entire upper body. I decided to forget about what the scale said and just keep pushing forward because of what I saw. I figured it didn't matter how much I weighed if I was looking so much better. It was easy to stick with it after that. A couple of weeks later the scale starting matching what I was seeing in the mirror. Without your program and the Jyze Pro I would still be in that horrible cycle and probably be back at that 267. If it weren't for the incredible and fast results the Jyze Pro gave me, I don't think I would have been able to push through those periods where the weight just wasn't coming off. I've used hand weights, bars, balls, bands, and cords. I suppose they've done what they were supposed to, but nothing compared to what the Jyze Pro has done for me. I am still 10 lbs. from the first time I lost weight and 50 from where I was 20 years ago! I have NEVER had this kind of muscle tone in my arms. I show off my arms to anyone who will look. I love catching myself in the mirror and thinking WOW my arms look nice! It excites to think how I'll look when I'm down to my goal weight. It's not just appearance either. I am strong. I am so happy with how I look and how I feel. I love to use my Jyze Pro. I love watching these new muscles work and feeling the strength in them. Again, I can't thank you enough! Miss you and the group! (but not my Jyze Pro, still keeping up with it!)  -- Krysti Ohman

I have never been overweight or chubby but I've never been thin or toned. A year or two ago I read this in a book and have always tried to remember it to achieve my workout goals: "To the person who [wrote this], 'The thing I hate most about myself is that I'm too lazy to change the things I hate.' I read that and cried. I decided to look at myself and see what my problem was. More than being lazy it was about fear. I was afraid of trying my hardest and still not succeding. But then I realized I was already living my worst case scenario by not even attempting to move forward. Today, I decided fear and laziness would not rule my life." I decided to take the Jyze 90 day challenge in an attempt to get healthier than I was. I would not let laziness, fear or lack of sudden results stop me for doing what I wanted so badly to do. While on the 90 day program I stumbled at first because I wasn't seeing results. I was a bit annoyed until about a month and a half into a program when I was playing games outside with my friends and I kept getting told how toned I was. As I lifted up my arms to look at them I noticed that I was getting toned!!! After that moment I dedicated to more cardio workouts as well as adding to the intensity of my JyzePro work outs. I noticed instantly toned arms, more upper body strength and more toning to my legs. The JyzePro work out program worked for me because I put forth the effort and tried. After seeing results I tried harder and it was worth it. I look in the mirror and see my thinner toned arms and am proud to show them off. My entire body changed and so did my confidence. I play sports that I never played before and find strength that I never had! My friends ask what my secret it and when I show them the JyzePro they can't believe it! The Jyze encouraged me to work harder to achieve the results I wanted. Now I like to show off my strength and my upper body strength because I'm so dang proud of it and on top of that I love working out now!  -- Amy Conrad

"People today are hunched over a lot—driving, at work on a computer, and even sometimes in their current workouts. Jyze gets people upright and strengthens the shoulders and back, improves posture, and relieves tension. I’ve added Jyze to workouts that previously only utilized the lower body. We can now tone the upper body and burn more calories in a low impact total workout."  -- Trevor S., Personal Trainer

"I use Jyze for strengthening core muscles (abdominals and paraspinals) and shoulder and shoulder girdle muscles (including the lower trapezius, which is a difficult muscle to target). I recommend Jyze for cardio pulmonary, CVA, and shoulder patients. For the first group, you get chest expansion and gas exchange. For CVA patients, you get bilateral activity practice. Shoulder patients will get act exercise with all the shoulder and shoulder girdle muscles."  -- Carrie Sussman, PT, DPT

"Jyze is easy to use and gave quick results. In my recent six-week, five-day-a-week boot camp with 17 women, we used Jyze to warm up and cool down. With all body types and ages in our group, walking with Jyze was a low-impact equivalent to (and much more appealing than) jogging. Exercising with Jyze was easy to do and made warming up fun. All of us could get our heart rates up into the aerobic zone, and we could still talk without getting out of breath, which made it all the more fun."The results speak for themselves: Our group of 17 lost at least an inch around their upper arms. Some lost nearly 2 inches—all in just six weeks."  -- Amy C.

"We love our Jyze! It's light, compact, and easy to pack when traveling. Most importantly, it is effective! We use it when we are walking. Our heart rate climbs immediately and remains in the desired range until we stop. We can make it as easy or as challenging as we wish. It is also fun to see how many ways you can vary the basic operation of Jyze."  -- Steve and Barbara C.

"I have had an amazing unexpected result with Jyze! I tend to get pretty tight in my shoulders and upper back but after about 5 minutes using Jyze I was so relaxed. I repeated this a couple hours later and it felt so good. This was such an easy thing to do - didn't have to stretch, heat, stretch, wait for someone to rub my shoulders, etc. Just a few minutes and I was ready for the day. Jyze is great!"  -- Alice W.

"Jyze is simple and easy to use. I've used it consistently while training for triathlons-swimming, running, and biking. The pool where I train was closed for two months during my busiest racing time, so I turned to Jyze to help me keep my swimming muscles in shape. During this time, I consistently placed in the top two or three in my age group in each of my triathlons. I even improved my personal best time!"  -- Robbie S.

"I recently had shoulder and elbow surgery followed by physical therapy. With Jyze, I could do my complete physical therapy workout in a fraction of the time. My recovery has been remarkable!"  -- Kristie K.

"I’m 75. I have a bad ankle but still work out 3 to 4 times a week on an exer cycle. My resting heart rate is 56 BPM. Jyze gets my heart pounding. Jyze delivers the best heart rate and toning workout you can imagine!"  -- Dean H.

*July 2009 Prevention Magazine Study.
**Typical results may vary. In a 90 day study with 24 participants weight loss averaged 19 lbs. and an average loss of 2.71 inches off of each arm.

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