Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pillow Pets - Its a Pillow, Its a Pet, Its a Pillow Pet

Pillow pets are cute, huggable pets that pop open into full size pillows. Theyre soft. Theyre cuddly. And they make PERFECT pillows for kids. Moms: your kids will absolutely love their pillow pets! You simply undo the Velcro strap and the PET pops open into a full size PILLOW!

Since 2003, My Pillow Pets have been bringing smiles to faces of all ages. The concept for the snuggly companions was the brainchild of a San Diego-based mother of two, who had grown tired of picking up stuffed animals strewn about her children’s rooms. What began with the simple goal of transforming a traditional stuffed animal into a functional item for children has grown into an amazing jungle of popular products.
Although My Pillow Pets was initially a collection of just six different animals, our selections continues to multiply. My Pillow Pets is committed to manufacturing our products to superior standards, using only the highest quality materials and processes.
Customer Testimonials:
My four daughters ages 12, 11, 7,and 6 adore their pillow pets! They take them every where from slumber parties to vacations and in the car! All together we have seven total and can not wait to buy some more! Our spoiled dogs even love the pillow pets as well! The girls goal is to own one of each animal and I'm sure they soon will. We love your products, they bring so much comfort to my sweet baby girls. Thanks for making a soft furry friend for children of all ages to love. Erika

I love my cozy cow! I have officially named my cozy cow "Moo". I am definitely bringing him on vacation! Joshua C

I recently got my pillow pet, and I love it!!! I love to take it in the car with me, and I love to Sleep with it. It is a bumble bee!!!!! Kelly

My "Pillow Pet” is so soft! I just love my pillow pets!! They are so cuddley!! I sleep with mine every night. I have the bunny and the pig. I want more! When I go on vacation, I plan on bringing my pillow pets to sleep with and lay on in the car. Thanks Anita!!

My husband bought 3 pillow pets for me and our 2 teenagers for valentines day. It was the perfect gift and we all love them (including our 13 year old son!). they are soooo comfy and sweet. Susannah

I was already having to fight for my fair share of space in bed.... then came the Pillow Pets. Tardy Turtle likes to sprawl out in the middle of the bed and Friendly Frog gets a little too friendly. My girlfriend can't resist every time she walks past your shop. It may be time to move out to the couch.... Thanks a lot My Pillow Pets!!!! Lupita

They are AWESOME!!!!! I use it for bed, travel, and I take my Pet everywhere. In fact I want them ALL! I love these products, but where can you buy them besides online? They are great holiday gifts. Well thanks for the product! Eleni

My daughter has allergy problems. We wash hers all the time. It looks as good as the day we got it. Kylie

My roommate came home with the duck and we love him so I came back to get my own! They are so comfortable, soft and adorable!! I keep my penguin with me all the time! Chuck

I think that it is a fantastic idea. Then that way my child won't always have stuffed animals all over her bed. Nice job. I love it! Morgan

We love our pillow pet. We bought the penguin and he is my six-year old son's Favorite stuffed animal. Thanks! Catherine

Care Instructions:

If your Pillow Pet gets dirty and needs a washing here’s how to do it!.
  • Place your Pillow Pet inside a white pillow case and tie off the open ends.
  • Wash on gentle cycle and cold water.
  • Let Pillow Pet air dry!
Putting your Pillow Pet inside a white pillow case prevents the washing machine from beating up the fibers on the item and increases the life of your Pet.

(Pillow Pets Backpacks and Blankets require the same care. These Items are available after your initial Pillow Pets order.)

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